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Mini Tour: Uff Dah! A Scandinavian History Tour

Meet Ole and Lena to discover Minnesota's Scandinavian past on a riding tour through Nordic sites in the Twin Cities.  Have Swedish meatballs at the IKEA Cafe.  Shop at the Nordic Ware Store. Fee includes:  Transportation,… learn more
Mini Tours - Winter 2015 - 0 available sections

Mini Tour: Shooting Range, Gun Training & Lunch

Have you ever wondered what it is like to target shoot with a pistol?  Training will take place at the range in So St Paul "Rod and Gun Club".  YOu will have a chance to shot at targets and practice what you've learned.  Fee… learn more
Mini Tours - Summer 2015 - 1 available section

Mini Tour: Leinenkugel/Chippewa Falls Tour

Tour of Industry and Technology Museum, lunch buffet at Loopy's and the Leinenkugel tour.   This trip entails quite a bit of walking. Fee includes:  Tours, lunch & transportation. Deadline:  July 1, 2015 Bus picks up at… learn more
Mini Tours - Summer 2015 - 1 available section
Rio Gran Grooming School, Shih Tzu, Adv Dog Grooming

Adv Dog Grooming for Owners (Trims & Haircuts)

Yorkies, Poodles, Shih Tzu, and more Learn to groom your dog with step-by-step instructions. Begin with a nail trim, ear cleaning, bathing and drying. On to a basic trimming and clipping skills of the sanitary areas, pads and… learn more
Recreation - Summer 2015 - 3 available sections - Similar

Dog Grooming 101 for Owners: Bathin & Brushing

Short-haired Dogs, Labs, Beagles, etc.) Rio Gran Enterprises Bring your dog to class and learn how to properly bathe, brush, clean ears, brush teeth, clip nails and care for your dog’s coat. Learn proper tools to use on… learn more
Recreation - Summer 2015 - 3 available sections

Standup Paddleboarding Extended Course

Begins with the basics covered in the intro course but goes well beyond. The introduction course is not a prerequisite for this class as the essentials will be covered. This course offers a more in-depth opportunity to learn… learn more
Recreation - Summer 2015 - 2 available sections - Prescott Paddle Co.

Watch Me Draw! Art Studio - CATS, Big & Wild

Roar into art with bold colors and big spaces as we draw, paint and sculpt cats of the wild! Paint a lion on canvas, sculpt a stripped tiger ready to pounce, design a monochromatic Panther, watercolor a cheetah using a fun… learn more
Youth Enrichment - Summer 2015 - 1 available section - Watch Me Draw! LLC - Sherry Hauck

Intro to Standup Paddleboarding (SUP)

Standup paddleboarding is the fastest growing paddle sport! Learn about what to wear, essential gear, safety on the water, paddler responsibilities, transporting and launching boards, board balance and trim, leash use, fin and… learn more
Recreation - Summer 2015 - 12 available sections - Prescott Paddle Co.