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Developing Perseverance: Effects Traditions within Community

Effects Traditions within Community
FREE Inspirational Presentation with Ann Makena Daggett
What does traditions within a community mean? How do traditions affect us as individuals? How an we as an individual affect our community positively by understanding, and choosing what traditions to maintain and which traditions to change or improve on. Learn how to build strong “spiritual muscles” that will keep you standing strong and when all else is failing. Space is limited - please preregister!

Ann Makena-Daggett

ANN BRIDGET MAKENA-DAGGETT has a B.A. in Divinity, a B.S. in Psychology-Counseling, an M.A. in Theological Studies, and an M.A. in Ministry Leadership. She has 10 years’ experience as a hospice chaplain and is the founder of a charitable organization and published author.

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